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We at The Techtellectual are a group of tech enthusiasts committed to serving you the best when it comes to consumer technology. We publish our thoughts on the latest tech, informational articles helping you learn more, how-to guides for troubleshooting common problems, and buying guides to make better buying decisions.

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Paul Jacob

Founder and Author

As an avid hardware enthusiast, Paul always takes the opportunity to explore the underlying technology through teardowns of the laptops, smartphones, and graphics cards he owns. He is also pretty passionate about stuff like sideloading the latest Android ROM to his smartphone or tweaking the processor clocks on his laptop to improve performance and lower temps. Seeking to share his love for tech, Paul founded The Techtellectual back in 2020 and has been fully committed to serving his audience the best. He also studies Physics at the university level and freelances in his spare time.