Laptop Warping

Laptop Warping? Do this before it’s too late!

If you’ve noticed warping in your laptop’s bottom panel, bezel, or keyboard deck, you must act quickly to prevent irreparable damage. The first step is identifying the source warping so that you can stop it and take measures to prevent it from happening again. After that, depending on the extent of the warping, you may …

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Best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students in 2023

If you’re a student planning to major in Mechanical Engineering, you’ll need a laptop for running tasks like Computer-Aided Design, engineering simulations, and programming. These tasks are both graphically and computationally intensive, so you’ll need to choose the suitable processor, graphics, and memory specs. It’s important to realize that you’re not buying a laptop for …

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best size laptop for college

What is the best size laptop for college students?

It’s easy to fall prey to marketing when purchasing a laptop for college. Some companies boast about design, while others claim to offer record-breaking performance. But, the lesser-known secret to getting the best out of your laptop lies in choosing the right size. An average college student travels to class pretty frequently. Cramming a large …

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Is a 14-inch laptop too small in 2023?

Over the past couple of years, 14-inch laptops have slowly gained popularity, with Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Asus adopting the form factor. As 15 and 16-inch laptops still dominate a significant chunk of the market, is a 14-inch laptop too small to use today? Let’s find out. How is a 14-inch laptop too small? We’ve …

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Budget Laptop for College? Your Questions Answered

The exploding digital age has ensured that a laptop is no longer an option for a college student. Furthermore, rising fees and expenses have made both parents and students agree that selecting the right laptop is an important and challenging decision. All a student needs is a durable and optimized laptop that can provide service …

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Image Credits: Apple

Apple Silicon M1: All you need to know

Update: The results of the Apple Silicon M1 from Geekbench are finally in. It manages to outperform the MacBook Pro 16’s Intel Core i9-9880H processor, pretty incredible considering it consumes 10W of power in the MacBook Air. The Apple Silicon M1 certainly sets the bar high for the upcoming laptop chips from Intel and AMD, …

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