Where is the SIM Card slot in the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Where is the SIM Card slot in the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

If you’ve recently purchased the regular, classic, or pro variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 LTE, then you’ll be curious to know where the sim card slot of your Galaxy Watch is. Cellular models of the Galaxy Watch can connect to mobile networks independent of a smartphone, and to do this, they …

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Three ways to charge a smartwatch with a phone charger

Three Ways to Charge a Smartwatch with your Phone Charger

Deciding on a charger for your smartwatch can be daunting, requiring the purchase of a separate power adapter for a proprietary cable often incompatible with other devices, increasing clutter and reducing portability. The latest Apple Watch wireless charger is an exception but only works with the AirPods Pro 2. Nonetheless, using a phone charger to …

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galaxy watch 4 overheating

Is your Galaxy Watch 4 overheating? These fixes worked for us

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 is a popular fitness-focused smartwatch powered by WearOS. We’ve noticed several reports of the Galaxy Watch 4 overheating, with users complaining of discomfort and minor burns while wearing it. Our retail 40mm model with LTE was also prone to frequent overheating during calls and occasionally while charging, so we decided to …

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