How long does it take to charge an Apple Pencil?

How long does it take to charge an Apple Pencil? Let’s find out

An Apple Pencil running out of charge in the middle of a meeting or just when you have had a stroke of creativity can be frustrating. So, knowing how long it takes to charge an Apple Pencil is essential if you use your Apple Pencil regularly. The Apple Pencil is a deceptively simple-looking stylus. But …

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ipad gets hot when using apple pencil

iPad gets hot when using Apple Pencil? Try these easy fixes

The Apple Pencil is an essential accessory for note-taking and drawing, frequently used by students and artists. An overheating iPad is uncomfortable and distracting to use with an Apple Pencil, especially once it starts to lag and stutter. If you’re reading this article, then there is a good chance you’re facing issues with your iPad …

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does your ip address change when you move

Does your IP address change when you move?

A few years ago, IP addresses were a topic briefly discussed during the setup of a broadband connection at home and then forgotten. However, with a surge in VPN services, an “exposed” IP address has been popularized as something that could compromise your identity. So does this mysterious virtual address behave similarly to your home …

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Best Laptops for Mechanical Engineering Students in 2024

Whether for generating a CAD design, simulating fluid flow, typing up a last-minute lab assignment, or playing the latest AAA title, a laptop will always play a central role in a mechanical engineering student’s coursework. Choosing the right laptop for your degree depends on your primary specialization, especially for mechanical engineering. Those leaning towards the …

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What is a system fan or SYS_FAN on a motherboard?

SYS_FAN or SYStem FAN headers are some of the few fan headers you’ll come across on a consumer motherboard. These headers are used to power the case fans of your computer. Case fans are typically mounted on your PC’s cabinet and are responsible for providing adequate airflow to various components. Let’s take a closer look …

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best size laptop for college

What is the best size laptop for college students?

It’s easy to fall prey to marketing when purchasing a laptop for college. Some companies boast about design, while others claim to offer record-breaking performance. But, the lesser-known secret to getting the best out of your laptop lies in choosing the right size. An average college student travels to class pretty frequently. Cramming a large …

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YouTube’s latest experiment disables picture-in-picture on iOS

Update: YouTube has officially rolled out PiP to all iOS devices. You can read the unedited version of the original article below: Although YouTube officially ended its PiP experiment for premium users on April 8, 9to5Google noticed that the feature continued to be supported for signed-up users even after. Our tests yielded the same results, …

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Is a 14-inch laptop too small in 2023?

Over the past couple of years, 14-inch laptops have slowly gained popularity, with Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Asus adopting the form factor. As 15 and 16-inch laptops still dominate a significant chunk of the market, is a 14-inch laptop too small to use today? Let’s find out. How is a 14-inch laptop too small? We’ve …

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magsafe charger getting hot

MagSafe charger getting hot? Fix it in 6 easy steps

Apple changed the wireless charging landscape when it announced its MagSafe wireless charger with the iPhone 12 in 2020. A wireless charger that firmly snaps on with magnets, it separated itself from standard wireless pads and stands sold by other companies. MagSafe’s wireless charging design claims to improve wireless charging efficiency through an array of …

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replace thermal pads gpu

How to replace thermal pads on a GPU?

Graphic cards can get pretty toasty when pushed hard in games and professional workflows. Using thermal interface materials like paste and pads is essential to their operation. However, GPUs run in poor conditions tend to build up gunk and dirt inside, which degrade thermal pads and affect their ability to conduct heat from critical components …

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